I have now completed the first draft of Renegade.

It’s a curious process. I have an idea for a plot – a loose outline and the main characters. I always have a detailed finish point. Although I don’t commit it to the page at this point, the final page is written in my head before I start writing. The process then is a loose amble through the story as characters develop, new ones pop us and the plot takes new and interesting turns. I am reminded of Louis L’Amour who when asked by one of his grandchildren why he spent so much time at his desk, replied that he wanted to see what happens in the story.

This process can take several months. I started Renegade at the beginning of the year and there were several pauses when life got in the way and I didn’t feel like writing. But always, things were churning over in my head – how will my characters get from where they are now to where I want them to be?

Then there comes a point when I realise that I am finally approaching that last scene. At which point the marathon becomes a sprint and the words gush out of my head onto the keyboard. My typing is much like my handwriting in that it lags behind my brain, so reading the output I see missing words and numerous typos. I have to go back and correct those. At which point, while the full process is not yet complete, I have written my story down and it has been committed to the page. This is when I get the adrenaline rush and I usually have a sleepless night as it settles down.

Now, of course, comes the redrafting and proofreading before sending it to Legiron Books for editing and formatting before final release.

I guess, like a drug, I do it for that kick. It takes a long burn to get there, but that final rush is worth it.