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The Soldier

August 17, 2020 Mark Ellott 0

I fought for Harold up north and marched once more to Battle. On the beaches of France, I ducked the bombers and the tracers of […]

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Reiver, Chapter 1

August 11, 2020 Mark Ellott 0

A Battle Homildon Hill, 14th September, 1402 Edmund Collingwood fidgeted in his saddle. He looked about him as the morning sun lifted itself into the […]

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A Moment in Time

August 5, 2020 Mark Ellott 0

My thanks to my sister Sharon for the idea that set this story in motion.   Thailand. Hannah Ramsey made her way gingerly forward in […]

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The Meteorite.

August 4, 2020 Mark Ellott 0

Chicxulub, late Cretaceous, sixty-five million years ago. Triceratops lifted his great horned head and paused from his munching. Chewing the foliage in his mouth, he […]