My current project is Reiver. I’m planning to get this one ready by next summer. In the meantime, a little taster.

I am doing another historical, so there was plenty of research to do.

Following the overthrow of Richard II in 1399 by Henry Bolingbroke with the help of the Percy family, the Percys expected favours that weren’t forthcoming. The marches between England and Scotland were a lawless zone much like the wild west and the Percys were expected to police the area. They found themselves doing this with little financial assistance from the crown. As raids between Scotland and England persisted, the Percys became increasingly frustrated with Henry, leading eventually to them rising up in open rebellion.

My story follows the adventures of Edmund Collingwood and his brother Robert. The Collingwoods were a reiver family whose loyalty lay with clans rather than country. Consequently, when the Collingwood brothers are approached by the Scots to assist with a raid south in the summer of 1402, they sign up for the ride.

So it is that they find themselves lined up in battle against Harry “Hotspur” Percy at Homildon Hill. Defeat and capture, leads to Edmund becoming embroiled in the politics of the Percy’s dispute with the crown and the subsequent battle of Shrewsbury.

There follows another defeat and capture again.

Taken to Chepstow castle, he meets the French noblewoman who is held captive there.

Who is she? Why is she there and what is the secret she keeps?

Edmund is about to find out…

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Kate Pegler
Kate Pegler
4 years ago

Can’t wait. Love your work. Kate


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